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Pure Hawaiian Spirulina 200 tabs

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Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica is the world’s most nutritious whole food. If you have yet to benefit from Spirulina's incredible energy boosting and immune enhancing properties‚ this bottle is an ideal introduction.

With a serving size of six tablets recommended per day‚ this jar provides a little more than a month's worth of Spirulina. A month is the perfect amount of time to get you acquainted with the healing properties and see a real difference in your energy levels.

Product Highlights:

- 100 % Vegetarian‚ 100 % Vegan‚ Kosher Certified‚ Non-GMO.
- Free of Gluten‚ Lactose‚ Soy‚ Pesticides‚ Herbicides‚ Solvents.
- All Natural.

As a dietary supplement‚ take 6 tablets daily with or between meals.



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