Nutridom MCT Oil Powder 200g

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  • Allergen free/ Dairy free base (Acacia gum base used)
  • Suitable for 'Bullet proof coffee'
  • KETO Diet friendly

What is MCT?

Fat is a chemical compound with fatty acids and glycerin.
The name 'triglycerides' comes from its molecular structure. e.g.> Tri(= 3) + glycerides (= glycerin + fatty acids).

There are many fatty acids and each fatty acid have a unique carbon tail.
Types of fatty acids can be identified with its chain length (short, medium, long and very long) or bonding structures (saturated or unsaturated).
Medium chain triglycerides are fat (triglycerides) with fatty acids which have a tail of medium length (six to twelve carbon atoms).

MCTs are more efficiently absorbed and require minimal processing in the body to metabolize.
It is absorbed and used easily and used to treat patients with malnutrition or metabolism disorders.

Recommended Use

Adults: Mix with coffee or tea as a creamer, 1-2 teaspoon is recommended.


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