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Multi-Vitamin Elite P.M. 90 caps

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Recommended Dose (Adults): Take 1 capsule daily, in the evening, with food. Take a few hours before or after taking any medications.


  • Includes the active, tissue-ready form of vitamin B12
  • Chelated minerals provide for optimal absorption
  • Provides Indena's curcumin phytosome (Meriva®)
  • Also uses Indena's green tea phytosome (GreenSelect®)
  • Helps boost energy during the daytime
  • Source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Factors in the maintenance of good health
  • Helps to maintain the body's ability to metabolize nutrients
  • Helps normal growth and development
  • Antioxidants for the maintenance of good health
  • Provides support for healthy glucose metabolism
  • Helps in the function of the thyroid gland
  • Helps to maintain proper muscle function
  • Helps to maintain healthy skin
  • Helps to maintain immune function
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