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GoBio! Chicken Bouillon Cubes No Salt Added 6 cubes

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GoBIO! offers a variety of certified organic Bouillon Cubes. Low Sodium Chicken Cubes have no added salt and are made with organic free-range chicken. All GoBIO! Bouillon Cubes are gluten free, use Non-Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, have No MSG added, No HVP, and No GMOs

‚ÄčIngredients:¬†GMO Free Corn Starch*, Non-Hydrogenated Palm Oil*, Yeast Extract, Natural Chicken and Rosemary Flavouring, Roasted Onions*, Chicken Fat*, Dehydrated Chicken Meat*, Turmeric*, Celery*, Parsley*, Rosemary*, Garlic*. *Certified Organic

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