New Chapter Fermented Maca Powder 42g

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The New Chapter Fermented Maca Booster Powder delivers full spectrum Fermented Maca blended with Cardamom and Schizandra. Add to your favourite drink for a natural and nutritious energy boosting source of anitoxidants.


  • Delivers full spectrum Fermented Maca blended with Cardamom and Schizandra 
  • Provides Anitoxidants 
  • USDA Organic and NON GMO Project Verified 
  • Energy Endurance 
  • Recovery Support

Dosage: Take 1/2 teaspoon, once daily. Add 1/2 teaspoon to your favourite milk, juice, or smoothie

Ingredients: Organic Maca, organic schizandra, organic cardamom

New Chapter is Committed to Sustainability. Their concern for the planet is expressed through their every act of business, whether big or small. Sustainability begins with intention - and from the start, their intention has been to produce the most conscious product possible. They also work to advance the organic mission, nourishing body and soul with the healing intelligence of pure whole foods and herbal supplements. New Chapter believes in nurturing and sustaining Mother Earth, the source of natural healing.

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