Nordic Naturals DHA Infant 350EPA/485DHA 60ml

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Supports learning and language abilities!

Adequate intake of DHA is essential for proper brain development in infants. Nordic Naturals DHA Infant™ is made exclusively from Nordic Naturals' Gold Standard 100% Arctic Cod Liver Oil. It is formulated for the specific omega-3 nutritional needs of infants 5 to 35 lbs. (or as directed by a health care professional).

Product Highlights:
- Supports healthy brain‚ eye‚ and nervous system function.
- With added natural vitamin D3 for further support of healthy development.
- Measured dropper for easy addition to formula or food.

Serving Size:5 ml

Servings Per Container:12



    Amount Per Serving  
Calories 45    
Total Fat 5 g    
Vitamin A 450–1300 I.U.      
Vitamin D3 300 IU    
Total Omega-3s 1050 mg    
EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 350 mg    
DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 485 mg    
Other Omega-3s 215 mg    

Other ingredients:
purified arctic cod liver oil, rosemary extract (a natural preservative), d-alpha tocopherol, cholecalciferol in olive oil

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