Organic Clarified Butter Za'atar Star

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Reach For The Stars With Za'atar Star!

Infused with a special blend of Middle Eastern herbs, Za’atar Star is equally delectable spread on a warm pita for a quick snack or used in place of oil to roast potatoes.

To make our Za'atar Star: Middle Eastern Spiced ghee, we use our own blend of Certified Organic and non-irradiated herbs, which includes thyme, oregano and sumac, along with Maison Orphée French grey sea salt. Some researchers are beginning to speculate that the carvacrol, the phenol found in thyme and oregano, may actually have cognitive and mood-enhancing properties. Sumac, thyme and oregano are all chock full of flavonoids, an important dietary source of antioxidants. 

Slow-Cooking Process

  • We use a traditional slow-cooking process which takes 8 hours on a low flame. 
  • The result is a delicious, nutty flavour and signature grainy texture, both signifiers of high quality ghee. 

100% Certified Organic Ingredients

  • Lee's Ghee is made from organic butter, which is grass-fed whenever possible.
  • All of our organic za'atar spices are non-GMO and non-irradiated.

A Lactose-Free Alternative to Butter

  • 99% of the milk solids have been removed during the clarification process, rendering our ghee virtually lactose-free and safe for anyone with lactose-intolerance.

Ingredients: organic butter, organic thyme, organic oregano, organic sumac, French grey sea salt.

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